Development Plan Overlay

In July 2013, Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy approved amendments to the Yarra Planning Scheme (schedule 11) to allow for major residential and commercial redevelopment of the site.

The amendments changed the planning controls over the land from an Incorporated Plan Overlay to a Development Plan Overlay (DPO). The DPO provides a framework for future development and sets out specific conditions including:

  • Maximum building heights of four storeys in the area alongside Parkview Road, with a maximum of three storeys facing the street
  • Maximum building heights of three storeys for dwellings near the Yarra River, with a maximum of two storeys on the river interface
  • Maximum of four storeys in the centre of the site, with a maximum of two – three storeys facing the street
  • Five per cent of dwellings to be allocated to affordable housing, developed in association with an accredited housing association
  • Setbacks of 40 metres from the Yarra River
  • Construction of a pedestrian and bicycle path along the Yarra River frontage of the site
  • Location of a neighbourhood based community hub consisting of a range of community uses including meeting rooms and community spaces and facilities
  • Location of neighbourhood retail facilities to service new and existing residents and small offices/commercial development to generate employment opportunities.

View a copy of the Amcor Development Plan Overlay, schedule 11.

Council had expressed disappointment that the approved DPO did not reflect the community’s wishes for an educational facility or for lower building heights in some areas of the site. However Council was pleased that the DPO secured maximum building heights of three to four storeys for 70% of the site, setbacks from the Yarra River and a percentage of affordable housing.

A media release issued in July 2013 provides further detail about Council’s response to the approved DPO.

A media release issued in June 2013 provides further information about Council’s involvement in developing a draft DPO that reflected the community’s expectations for future development and sought to uphold the residential character and environmental integrity of the area.

Design and Development Principles

In 2009, Council adopted a set of design and development principles for the Amcor site.

Developed in consultation with community members and stakeholders, the principles outline Council’s vision for the site and provide a guide for developers.

Council believes that the site should be a showcase for sustainable living and urban design, including affordable housing, characterised by safe, walkable neighbourhoods, whilst maintaining and improving the Yarra River corridor’s vistas, vegetation and wildlife habitat qualities.

Council established a taskforce including Councillors, State Government representatives, local residents, business operators and ratepayers to work through the complex issues surrounding the future of the site. Here are the Taskforce’s terms of reference.

The Amcor Taskforce met on a number of occasions from April to June 2009 to investigate a range of issues that had arisen, including environmentally sustainable design and buildings, transport and access, and community services and open space. A number of changes were made to the Principles, which were adopted by Council in August 2009 (and are included in the Principles document above).