Business and Industrial Land Strategy

We adopted our Business and Industrial Land Strategy in June 2012.

It guides how much land is required for industry, offices, commercial and retail activities, and what mix of activities is appropriate. It also includes recommendations about areas that could be rezoned to achieve an appropriate balance.

It covers all land in commercial and industrial zones except shopping precincts. Shopping precincts were excluded from the strategy because they are likely to be covered by separate structure plans or local area plans focused on retail and related activities.

It was written prior to the introduction of the new commercial zones so it refers to land in business zones which are now called commercial zones.

View the Business and Industrial Land Strategy Background Report.

Urban Design Strategy 

We adopted our Urban Design Strategy in June 2011.

Due to its inner-city location, Yarra experiences significant pressure for redevelopment and land use change. The purpose of the Urban Design Strategy is to promote good design outcomes that contribute to a coherent and appealing urban environment and encourage continuity, growth and change. It is designed is a guide for planners, designers and decision-makers to help improve Yarra's urban design in a dynamic, ever-changing urban environment.

Future developments in Yarra

The Urban Design Strategy also acknowledges that future developments in Yarra will need to achieve better environmental outcomes. Good urban design should ensure Yarra is an attractive and interesting place for tourists to visit and residents and businesses to locate.

The Urban Design Strategy recognises that the need to achieve good design outcomes at an individual site level should be balanced with a greater focus on collectively improving the quality of urban design across Yarra.

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