3D City Model of Yarra

3D model image 

Yarra Council is trialling a 3D model of the city. The trial version displays active planning application details (highlighted in pink) on a 3D map.

Yarra’s 3D model is available for use by members of the public, planners and property developers as well as council staff. 

How do I access the 3D model?

You can access the model by using the link below. Google Chrome v81+ or Edge v79+ is recommended. 

Access the 3D City model

You can also access the 3D City model through the TerraExplorer Deskptop Application.  

Download TerraExplorer Deskptop Application

Access 3D City model (via TerraExplorer)

Please provide feedback

The trial will run for 6 months, between December 2020 and May 2021. Once the trial has finished we will assess your feedback and decide how the model can be best used to support the needs of our community.

3D City Model of Yarra Survey