Local liveable streets

 a storefront on a street in Fitzroy

We want to make Yarra’s streets as liveable and as enjoyable as possible.

Our Local Liveable Streets program aims to improve our streets as liveable and dynamic spaces for their communities for years to come.

The Local Liveable Streets program gives community members an opportunity to propose improvements to their local streets for Council to consider.

The Local Liveable Streets guide (pdf) provides community members with some high-level guidance around how improved outcomes can be achieved on local streets in Yarra.

It sets out:

  • the principles and examples of good design in local streets
  • explains general criteria and thresholds for evaluating proposals
  • outlines the key steps in the process.

This document sits alongside Yarra’s Place Making Framework 2022, which identifies principles of place making.  

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What is the Local Liveable Streets Program?

This program considers medium scale community-initiated proposals that are generally not covered by Council’s business-as-usual activities. Generally, these must be able to be delivered within one financial year.

We offer other avenues and programs that you can explore if you are interested in community-led initiatives. You can read a summary of these options on page 25 of the Local Liveable Streets guide (pdf). 

The Local Liveable Streets program considers proposals that:

  • support our Community Vision, Council Plan and relevant Council policies
  • benefit the surrounding area and are supported by the local community
  • consider any social, economic, environmental and climate adaptation impacts
  • can be delivered within one financial year.

Proposals that meet these criteria will be considered for shortlisting. 

You can make an enquiry about your proposal any time. Before you submit a proposal, please contact us and speak with a member of our Urban design team to check your proposal is suitable for this program.

What types of proposals aren’t suitable for this program?

The following types of requests are not able to be considered for the Local Liveable Streets program: 

Large scale changes to local streets that require significant funding and resources
  • for example: road closures, major changes to traffic flow, and extensive footpath widening
  • we need to assess whether these changes are possible, particularly if they impact kerbs, drainage, parking and utilities
  • these types of projects are generally more costly and cannot be accommodated through Local Liveable Streets program funding
  • large scale changes must align with our strategic plans and priorities.
Requests for minor upgrades and changes to Council infrastructure
Community Grants
Community growing spaces

How can I propose an idea for my street?

We have received ideas for consideration for this financial year (2023/24). Limited funding is available and therefore a small selection of eligible proposals that meet the criteria will be considered for funding. 

If you are interested in registering your project for consideration for future years:

  • Read the Local Liveable Streets guide (pdf)
  • Check that your proposal is suitable for the program by reading the information on this page.
  • Email the Urban Design team at [email protected] with ‘Local Liveable Streets’ in the subject heading. 

Your application must include:

  • details of the proposal 
  • expected benefits
  • how the proposal supports relevant Council policies
  • demonstrated broad support from the local community.

*Please note: by submitting your application you are consenting to your project being featured on Yarra City Council’s communications channels as part of a broader promotion of the Local Liveable Streets program. 

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed against criteria including: 

  • how well the proposal aligns with Yarra Council's Community Vision, Council Plan and other relevant strategies and policies
  • the feasibility and deliverability of the proposed changes
  • the proposed community benefit and support for the proposal amongst the community
  • the social, environmental, climate adaptation and economic benefits outlined in your application.

Limited funding is available in the 2023/24 financial year. A small selection of eligible proposals that meet the criteria will be considered for funding. 

More information

You can speak to Yarra City Council’s Urban Design team by calling 9205 5555 or emailing [email protected].