Food relief in Yarra

 Food relief packages being prepared by Open Table including fresh fruit and vegetables in the foreground

Yarra Council and Yarra Libraries are providing food relief options for residents who need them. These include food packages and pre-made frozen meals.

Please bring a bag to any of the following centres.

Fitzroy Community Market, Napier Street near Atherton Gardens, quarterly on the first Friday of the month from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

2023 Dates:  3 March, 2 June, 1 September, 1 December

Interact with local stall holders, community service organisations and Yarra Libraries. With free fresh food from our community partners Open Table and Cultivating Community, and meals from FareShare available for everyone.

Food Relief Providers:

Below is a list of local community organisations in Yarra who can further support our residents with various kinds of food relief. Please click on the link to go to the providers webpage for more information and contact details.

Support for older people and people with a disability:

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders:

Support for Asylum Seekers

Reduced cost fresh groceries

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