How do I join or start a community food garden?

Joining a community garden can be a great way to meet your community, grow your own food, share skills and get outdoors.

There are a number of community gardens around Yarra. These are not managed by Council, but are located on Public land and are managed by a group of community volunteers.

Each garden establishes their own structure and how the garden will be managed.

Often plots are individually assigned according to size, however it is also possible to run a communal garden or incorporate communal plots in the garden.

Where are the community gardens in Yarra located?

They are located in our parks, farms, urban sites and on Department of Human Services (DHS) land.

Gardens on DHS land are managed by the local non-profit group Cultivating Community and tended by the residents.

Our public community gardens are listed below:

To join one of our existing community gardens it is best to contact the garden management committee directly, either by phone, facebook or email.

If your local community garden has a long waiting list, you may be able to join a communal plot within the garden, or assist at a community working bee to get to know the community.

Alternatively you may wish to start your own community growing space through our community growing spaces program or our pop up laneway gardens program.

Does it cost me anything to join a community garden?

Our community gardens are generally managed by the community and each garden has their own set of rules and fees.

It is best to contact the garden you are interested in to find out if there is any joining fee or ongoing fees.

How do I start my own community garden?

Your first step in planning a community garden would be to determine if there is any interest from your local community and if so who is willing to commit time and energy to this project, what are your communal goals for the garden and how much time do you have to put into the project?

Once you have organised your community there are several things you should consider when looking for a site.

Important things to consider when setting up your garden.

A good place to start is by speaking with our Urban Agriculture Facilitators who will be able to connect you with any agencies, groups or government bodies who may have land available for either long term or short term use as a community garden.

For more information on how to establish a community garden of your own refer to Sustainable Gardening Australia - Community gardens manual.