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3000 acres

3000 acres want to see more people growing more food in more places. They seek to empower communities with the skills and knowledge to grow fresh healthy food; enable the transformation of underutilised land into food growing spaces; and influence the regulatory environment to make it easier to grow food in more places.

Abbotsford River Bankers

Abbotsford River Bankers advocate for and nurture the Yarra riverlands in Abbotsford. They’re striving to help transform this degraded, weed-infested ribbon of riverland into a healthy riparian corridor as part of Melbourne’s most important river system.

Collingwood Children's Farm

Collingwood Children's Farm Nestled on the banks of Birrarung, the non-profit Collingwood Children’s Farm offers country experiences to city people. The farm runs educational activities, community events and much more.

Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community is a not-for-profit organisation working with diverse and low-income communities to create fair, secure and resilient food systems. They support public housing community gardens, community food centres and school food gardens and cooking classes, and have volunteering opportunities for the community.

Friends of Merri Creek

Friends of Merri Creek is a community group that is working to restore and protect the Merri Creek. The Friends organise regular creek-side activities and encourage community participation in regenerating the Creek. Activities include: planting and site maintenance, bird surveys, StreamTeam water quality testing and litter blitzes.

Merri Creek Management Committee

Merri Creek Management Committee is an environmental coordination and management agency working to restore and preserve the ecological health of the Merri Creek. They lead ecological revegetation works, citizen science sessions, litter clean-ups and much more.

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres in Yarra provide a variety of programs and activities for local communities. You can also find all kinds of services to help you live more sustainably, from compost hubs, gardens, workshops to clothes swaps, to places to drop off your hard-to-recycle items such as phones and batteries.

Streets Alive Yarra

Streets Alive Yarra is a resident and ratepayer action group with a vision for more trees, wider footpaths and vibrant businesses in thriving neighbourhoods. They envisage our streets being used by people of all ages, irrespective of whether they choose to walk, cycle, use public transport or drive.

Victorian Indigenous Nursery Cooperative

Victorian Indigenous Nursery Cooperative is community owned and run for over 30 years, VINC is passionate about locally indigenous plants and habitat.  Growing for the Melbourne region, they primarily grow tubestock for revegetation and have a retail section for the community.

Yarra Bicycle User Group

Yarra Bicycle User Group promotes urban cycling through supporting campaigns to improve cycling conditions, raises awareness of sustainable transport issues, and encourages people to join in the sheer fun of bicycle riding.

Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN)

Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) is a local climate action group made up of people who want to see much stronger action on climate change. They are an independent community group that connects hundreds of people. 

Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF)

Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) is an independent, Council-funded organisation working towards a zero-carbon future in Yarra.  Established by Yarra Council in 2010, YEF delivers energy efficiency and renewable energy programs to support households, schools, community groups and businesses to move towards a zero-carbon city.

Yarra Riverkeeper

Yarra Riverkeeper monitors the health of the Yarra River and keep track of the many activities affecting it. They run river tours and give presentations to educate students, community groups, government and businesses about the need for us all to protect this vital asset.