Sports Allocations and Sport Development

Sportsgrounds and facilities season allocations 

Yarra's sportsgrounds and facilities are available for use by local sporting organisations based on a seasonal allocation process. Seasonal hire agreements are strict and limited to give all park users the opportunity to enjoy these spaces and keep the grounds healthy. During allocated times, all other park users should keep off the ground while being used for training and competition.

If you are looking to register interest for a seasonal allocation, please contact [email protected].  

Information required to register for a sportsground allocation:

  • Certificate of Currency
  • Annual Report
  • Financial Report
  • AGM minutes
  • Playing members post codes (from last year)
  • Proposed pavilion cleaning schedule
  • Proposed training schedule (by team and location)
  • Liquor license (if applicable)
  • Food Premises Registration (if applicable)
  • Other information as required within the Hirer Agreement

Criteria for seasonal allocations:

Criteria for seasonal allocation  Weightings 
 1 Unblemished tenancy record over the preceding season/s.
 2 Record of past present and future financial viability. 20%
 3 Percentage of Yarra residents who are registered club members. 20%
 4 Degree to which club supports and encourages participation by juniors, women and people with disabilities within their sport. 20%
 5 Club's ability to optimise usage of facilities while keeping the facilities to a good standard. 5%
 6 Programs or policies that promote healthy lifestyles. 5%

Sport development workshops

Yarra City Council is pleased to present a free four-part series of sport development workshops in 2023. Theses workshops are catered specifically to Yarra’s community sporting organisations. They will focus on upskilling volunteers in self-identified areas for development and will support clubs to meet the Sportsgrounds and Facilities Allocation Policy criteria. Held at Jack Dyer Pavilion at Citizens Park. 

Workshop 1: 22 February 2023 - Child Safe Sport, Inclusion & Diversity and Fair Play Code

Hosted by Leisure Networks, this workshop was held on Wednesday 22 February. Download a copy of the presentation (PDF,1.7MB).

Workshop 2: 14 June 2023 - Grant Writing and Participation Programming

Hosted by Council's Recreation Team, this workshop was held on Wednesday 14 June. Download a copy of the presentation (PDF, 1.14MB). Council provide a range of community grants.

Workshop 3: 9 August 2023 - Marketing and Promotion, Participant Recruitment

Hosted by Leisure Networks, this workshop was held on Wednesday 9 August. Download a copy of the presentation (PDF, 2.86MB).

Workshop 4: October 2023 - Governance, Strategic and Financial Planning

As the year draws to a close, the final workshop is in place to support clubs building for the future. Develop a better understanding of the key roles within your club, and learn to be ambitious and collaborative. Leisure Networks will provide guidance in developing strategic plans, aligning your finances to your future plans and exploring the role committee members can play.

Registrations for Workshop 4 are open:


Other Yarra City Council workshops supported by Recreation 

  • City of Yarra Community Training: Different sessions are run throughout the year to support volunteers, people who manage volunteers, members of committees, not-for profit and community organisations in Yarra to help them run as effectively as possible. 
  • Let's Kick Climate Goals!: This workshop was held on Monday 5 June 2023. 

Club development resources

Resources have been collated to provide examples of how Yarra sporting groups can take steps to engage and implement initiatives to create overall positive change for the wider community.