Capital Works

Road Works

How we spend our capital works budget

Typically more than 95% on the basics

The vast majority of our funds are used to maintain or upgrade assets such as roads, footpaths, drains, buildings and parkland.

Typically less than 5% on special projects

A comparatively small amount of money is available each year to fund new capital works projects. Examples from recent years include the construction of Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library, Wellington Street Copenhagen Bike Lanes and the Coulson Reserve shared pathway. These larger projects are often funded over 2 or 3 years.

How we know what to prioritise

Asset Management Registers

Our Asset Management Registers track the condition of our existing assets and let us know when they need to be repaired or replaced.

We have a responsibility to ensure that vital community assets such as buildings, parks, footpaths, roads, drains and laneways remain safe to use and meet the evolving needs of our community.

Council Plan and Annual Budget

Informed by community feedback and suggestions, our Council Plan outlines the additional capital works projects that we plan to complete from 2018–22 (e.g. a new pocket park for Abbotsford).

Most special projects in our Annual Budget come from the Council Plan (or other formally adopted strategies or master plans) but we may consider additional projects if there is an urgent need and funds are available.

Special funding

Some capital works funding comes from Federal and State Government agencies via grants, and this money is given to support the delivery of specific projects.

Similarly, when we receive open space contributions from developers, this money can only be be spent in accordance with Yarra’s Allocation of Moneys Received via the Public Open Space Requirement Policy adopted by Council in July 2016.

How to suggest a new project

A new idea

The best time to suggest an entirely new capital works idea is during community consultations for the Council Plan or the Annual Budget.

The current Council Plan is in place from 2017-2021. The next plan will be developed from 2021 and the community will have opportunities to contribute their ideas and suggestions.

An Annual Budget is developed each year, and community feedback is sought at various stages in this process.

From time-to-time we also ask the community for input on specific areas to inform planning and upcoming projects (e.g. Edinburgh Gardens, Bridge Road) and this is also a good time to suggest capital works improvements.

We promote these opportunities through Yarra News, our website and social media channels.

An urgent need

If you believe that an existing asset is in urgent need of repair or replacement (e.g. broken footpath), please contact us immediately on 9205 5555.

We will investigate the asset to assess any risk to the community and to decide whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.