Traffic management in Balmain (Cremorne)

LAPM 20 Balmain (Cremorne)

The Local Area Place Making (LAPM) 20 Balmain precinct (Cremorne) is located in the area bounded by Swan Street, Church Street, the Yarra River, and Punt Road.

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Local Area Place Making Plan (LAPM)

This study includes part of the LAPM 21 Barkly precinct along with the whole Balmain precinct.

The LAPM plan shows a map of different traffic treatments which will be implemented throughout the area. Details of the LAPM plan and study can be viewed at the following document: LAPM 20 Plan

In addition to implementing the traffic treatments, Council will also write to the Yarra Highway Patrol to request enforcement of existing peak hour turn bans and the 40km/h speed limit in the area.




An evaluation of Stage 1 traffic treatments completed in October 2013 revealed significant improvements to traffic conditions in the area. In line with best practice, the Council resolution requires a post construction evaluation of these Stage 1 works.

Traffic data collected since the works show that a number of roads in the precinct recorded positive outcomes with reduced traffic volumes and vehicle speeds. All roads except one recorded an 85 percentile speed under the acceptable 44km/hr.

Traffic volumes on the local road network in the precinct have generally reduced or remained constant with the majority of roads now carrying below the acceptable peak hour traffic volume of 14%. Heavy vehicle traffic volumes in the area were also generally below the acceptable level of 5%.

Crash data in the area (collected from 1 July to 31 December 2013) revealed there has only been one ‘other injury’ crash between a cyclist and a pedestrian on the local road network since the works have been completed. In the five year period (from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2011) there were 5 ‘other injury’ and three ‘serious injury’ crashes recorded in the precinct.

The review considered that the success of the LAPM study will be further enhanced through the completion of the Stage 2 works.

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