Planning future Local Area Place Making studies

Which Local Area Place Making (LAPM) Precinct do I live in?

To find out which LAPM precinct you are in click on the below map:

Interactive map of the City of Yarra

How are LAPM studies prioritised in Yarra?

Our Local Area Place Making policy recognises that it is not possible to study and address identified (non-safety) issues or suggested upgrades in all areas of our municipality at once. We have developed a ranking system to determine which of our LAPM precincts should be next in line to be studied.

To fairly identify the next possible LAPM location in Yarra, we have set some measurable criteria covering recorded traffic conditions, levels of pedestrian and cyclist activity and number of resident complaints which can be obtained for each precinct to help guide our decision making.

We also consider factors such as when the last LAPM study was undertaken for each precinct to ensure that traffic management investment is fairly spread throughout the City of Yarra. 

How are LAPM areas ranked?

The following data is collected and analysed for selected streets within each LAPM precinct to guide officers in selecting upcoming LAPM studies. The criterion applies solely to the LAPM precinct ranking assessment and does not represent targets or thresholds that we aim to meet during the LAPM study.



Casualty crashes (accidents):

Number of recorded crashes on local streets in each precinct

Traffic volumes:

Local streets with average traffic volumes generally greater than 1000 vehicles per day

Traffic speeds:

Local streets with 85%tile vehicle speeds generally greater than 44kph


Local streets with a peak hour to 24 hour volume ratio generally greater than 14%

Activity generators:

Presence of land uses such as schools and hospitals which generate high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists

Community input or complaints:

Number of received written correspondence, petitions and telephone records in each precinct

When does the LAPM priority ranking assessment take place?

We usually review the LAPM priority ranking list in November each year.

2019 LAPM Ranking List





East Clifton Hill (6)

Last Studied 2012/13


West Clifton Hill (5)

Last Studied 2011/12


Highett (15)

Last Studied 2007/08


Alphington (8)

Last Studied 2012/13


Coppin (18)

Last Studied 2012/13


Richmond (17)

Last Studied 2013/14


North Richmond (14)

Last Studied 2011/12


Coate (7)

Western area completed 2008/09


Victoria (16)

Last reviewed 2015


North Carlton (2)

Being Studied 2018/19


Fitzroy (11)

Impacted by M41 Water Main Renewal


Collingwood (12)

Impacted by CMP sites & Last reviewed 2015


North Fitzroy (4)

Impacted by M41 Water Main Renewal


Barkly (21)

Western area included in LATMS 20, reviewed November 2014


Balmain (20)

Impacted by CMP sites & Last reviewed November 2014


Gold (10)

Stage 3 construction 2017/18


Rose (9)

Stage 2 construction 2018/19 and 2019/20 - 30km/h Trial Area


Princes Hill (1)

Stage 1-3 construction 2018/19 and 2019/20


Scotchmer (3)

Study 2017/18


Abbotsford (13)

Study 2017/18


Bendigo (19)

Study 2017/18


*LAPM rankings are subject to change each year. Dates are based on the 2018 November priority ranking assessment

**LAPM studies are subject to budget constraints

What happens after the Local Area Place Making priority ranking assessment?

We identify either one or two LAPM studies to be undertaken during the following financial year.

The identified precincts for upcoming LAPM studies are then presented to Councillors for endorsement subject to available funding.

Current Local Area Place Making studies

The following LAPM studies are being undertaken in 2017/18:

Local Area Place Making Precinct


Further Information

LAPM 3: Scotchmer

North Fitzroy

Link to LAPM 3

LAPM 13: Abbotsford


Link to LAPM 13

LAPM 19: Bendigo


Link to LAPM 19

We will also be continuing to deliver staged traffic treatments in the below precincts following the recently completed LAPM studies:

Local Area Place Making Precinct


Further Information

LAPM 1: Princes Hill (Stage 1)

Princes Hill

Link to LAPM 1

LAPM 9: Rose Precinct (Stage 2)


Link to LAPM 9

LAPM 10: Gold Precinct (Stage 2)


Link to LAPM 10

How do I report a current traffic or road safety issue in my neighbourhood

Any concerns you may have regarding traffic or road safety within Yarra should be reported to our Traffic and Special Projects branch.

Report a traffic issue

Will the issue I raise be included in the next LAPM plan? 

We will undertake an objective and evidence based investigation into your concerns. If there is not an immediate safety issue, officers will refer this issue for further investigation in the next LAPM study for your precinct.

If we do identify a potential safety issue, we may decide to bypass the LAPM process and consider another appropriate course of action to address the issue.