Chandler Highway upgrade

The upgrade and expansion of the Chandler Highway and bridge is a State Government project that is being managed by VicRoads.

The State Government has committed $110 million to the project.

The project will include: 

upgrading the intersection at Heidelberg Road
widening the highway to 6 lanes, including building a bridge over the Yarra River 
improving cycling and pedestrian paths
installing new traffic lights at the Yarra Boulevard intersection. 

Early construction work began in May 2017 and the entire upgrade is expected to be complete by late 2018.  

We encourage our community to visit the VicRoads project page for further information and  latest updates about the project. 

We are working with VicRoads throughout the project to reduce impacts to local people and to ensure our community stays informed. 

Has the design been finalised?

VicRoads has released an early design for the upgrade. 

In October 2016, VicRoads asked for feedback from the community and will review this feedback to further refine the design. 

To view the design, visit the VicRoads project page

Background information

For more information about Council’s position on the Chandler Highway upgrade project, please see the below statements released by Council during 2015-2016: