Multi-unit dwelling recycling education posters

In Yarra, there are a wide range of multi-unit dwellings, each with their own unique waste and recycling systems.

In partnership with VISY and 4 Seasons, we have developed the following recycling education posters to help make recycling easy, no matter what type of building you live in. 

These signs and posters will help your building residents easily identify the correct items that go into in mixed recycling bin and the waste bin.

The signs and posters are best put up on a wall in your building’s bin room, in elevator notice boards or other common area spaces where tenants have access to information. 

We recommend you download and print them in a size that is appropriate for your building and have them laminated before putting them up.

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email

Download Posters:

rubbish looking into mirror  Old Drink Can looking into mirror  Old Wine Bottle looking into mirror

Old Milk Carton looking into mirror  Old Pizza Box looking into mirror  Old Soft Drink Bottle looking into mirror

Empty Toilet Roll looking into mirror   assorted recyclable items, ready to be recycled

assorted recyclable items, ready to be recycled