How to order a compost bin or worm farm

We sell compost bins and worm farms at a subsidised rate.  You can order worm farms and compost bins online.

Man outside emptying food scraps from a plastic container into a green compost bin.

Want to learn more before you order?

Discover what composting and worm farming is, what the benefits are, and which one is best for your household.

Composting and worm farming

How to order

1. Complete the online form, choosing option 'Order a compost bin/worm farm'. 

  • You’ll receive an invoice, once your order is approved.

2. Pay for your worm farm or compost bin – the payment options are on the invoice

 3. Pick up your worm farm or compost bin 

  • You can collect from our Clifton Hill depot at 168 Roseneath Street, Clifton Hill.
  • Open Monday to Friday, 9am–3pm.
  • Please bring your receipt of payment. 

Sizes and styles available

  • 220L Compost Bin

    220L compost bin $39.30

    220L compost bin $39.30

    H 77cm W 71cm L 71cm 

  • RELM Worm Farm

    Worm Factory $94

    Worm Factory $94

    H 66.5cm W 58cm L 39cm

  • Hungry Bin Worm Farm

    Hungry bin worm farm $310

    Hungry bin worm farm $310

    H 95cm W 60cm L 65cm