How to order a compost bin or worm farm

Council sells compost bins and worm farms at a subsidised rate.  You can order worm farms and compost bins online.

How to order

1. Complete the online form, choosing option 'Order a compost bin/worm farm'. 

  • You’ll receive an invoice, once your order is approved.

2. Pay for your worm farm or compost bin – the payment options are on the invoice

 3. We will contact you to arrange delivery.

Sizes and styles available

  • 220L Compost Bin

    220L compost bin

    220L compost bin

    Dimensions: L 71cm X W 71cm X H 77cm
    Price: $38.60

  • RELM Worm Farm

    RELN Worm Farm

    RELN Worm Farm

    Dimensions: DL 57cm X W 39.5cm X H 64cm
    Price: $92.40

  • Hungry Bin Worm Farm

    Hungry bin worm farm

    Hungry bin worm farm

    Dimensions: L 65cm X W 60cm X H 95cm
    Price: $304.50

Find out more about composting and/or warm farms