Book a hard rubbish collection

Yarra residents can have up to two free collections of hard rubbish per household each calendar year.

We are experiencing a period of peak demand for our hard waste collection services. Booking dates are subject to availability and your preferred date may not be available. Booking allocations are calculated per calendar year - unused bookings cannot be carried over to next year.

Hard rubbish collections are not available to commercial or industrial properties in Yarra. Buildings with private waste arrangements may not be eligible.

Reduce before you book

In 2020/21, Council collected 2946 tonnes of hard rubbish. Through our partnerships, we were able to repair, reuse and recycle more than 880 tonnes of this.

This means that over 2000 tonnes are still going to landfill.

Learn where you can rehome your unwanted items

To help keep your items out of landfill, visit our Circular Economy Map and learn how you can rehome your hard rubbish.

Try to reduce your hard rubbish by recycling, donating or selling items such as furniture, clothes, toys, crockery, timber and homewares as these items do not get recycled.

Watch this video on ways to rethink your hard rubbish and what items can be collected by our hard rubbish collection service.

How to book a hard rubbish collection

You can book a hard waste collection by submitting an online request or calling 03 9205 5555.

If you live in an apartment, you should book a hard waste collection through your building manager, property manager or owner’s committee if possible. Property managers please read our Hard Waste Guide for Property Managers (PDF 552kB) to ensure compliance with our guidelines.

Submit an online request

We will ask you to provide a list of items for collection at the time of booking.

We aim to collect your hard rubbish within approximately 10 days of you sending through a request. Please note delays may occur in times of high demand.

When and where to put out your hard rubbish

Place your hard rubbish out the night before your scheduled pickup. It's illegal to place items out more than 24 hours before pickup.

All hard rubbish must be placed for collection on the kerb at the front of your property. Hard rubbish will not be collected from private property.

Hard rubbish will only be collected from a laneway behind your property if weekly rubbish and recycling bins are also collected from that laneway.

What hard waste can be collected?

Your hard rubbish collection:

  • Can be up to 2 cubic metres
  • Items must be no longer than 1.5 metres
  • Items must be able to be easily lifted by 1 or 2 people.
  • No items can weigh more than 50kg.


Hard waste placement

Items you can include in your hard rubbish collection:

  • Mattresses (limit of 1) 
  • E-waste (anything with a cord or battery)
  • White goods 
  • Small furniture items and couches
  • Hard plastic household items 
  • Small car parts (limit of 4 car tyres)
  • Paint (limit of 5x 20 litre containers) - must be in original tins/containers with lids well secured
  • Gas bottles (limit of 1 bottle) 
  • Bamboo, palm fronds and ivy 

What items will not be collected?

Items that cannot be included in your hard rubbish collection:

  • Garden waste, large tree stumps, dirt or soil 
  • Rubble, concrete or stones
  • Hazardous material like chemicals or asbestos
  • Waste generated from business activities
  • Building and renovation materials
  • Household rubbish and recycling
  • Items that weigh more than 50kg
  • 4WD or truck tyres
  • Large car parts

What can I do with building/renovation material? 

You will need to organise a private waste collection and disposal service independently or through your builder. 

What can I do with hazardous waste? 

Sustainability Victoria operates the Detox Your Home program to assist with the disposal of household chemicals. You can find out what's accepted as part of the program and where and when collections are taking place. Read more on the chemical goods disposal page.

Still not sure how to dispose of an item?

Check out our A to Z waste and recycling guide to learn how best to dispose of your waste and recycling.

If you have items that can't be collected through our hard rubbish collection or dropped off at our recycling drop-off centre, you can dispose of them at a waste transfer station.