Book a green waste collection

We provide a free collection service for Yarra residents of garden waste such as branches, prunings and grass clippings.

Green waste collections are only available to residential properties. They're not available to commercial properties in Yarra.

You can request multiple green waste pickups throughout the year, however due to high demand, there will be a limit of one collection per fortnight with a maximum of one cubic metre per collection.

We aim to collect your green waste within approximately 10 days of you sending through a request for collection, however delays may occur in times of high demand.

How do I book a green waste collection?

You can book a collection:  

  • By calling 03 9205 5555 
  • By sending a letter to Yarra City Council, PO Box 168, Richmond 3121

Book a green waste collection online

Preparing for a collection

When to put out your green waste

Place your green waste out the night before your scheduled pickup. It's illegal to place items out more than 24 hours before pickup.  

Where to put your green waste

All green waste must be placed for collection on the kerb at the front of your property. Green waste will only be collected from a laneway behind your property if weekly rubbish and recycling bins are also collected from that laneway.

How much green waste can be collected?

Each collection can be up to one cubic meter. 

All branches must be tied together with string or twine only, in bundles no longer than 1.8m in length and 30cm in diameter. Do not tie branches with plastic or wire. 

Lawn clippings or small prunings must be placed in a rigid container (a plastic crate or cardboard box) which can be lifted easily by one person. The container will usually be returned to you after it is emptied.

Please note: bags of any kind are not permitted.

Even if bags are advertised as heavy duty for garden waste, they will not be accepted.

You also have the option to use a green waste bin you've purchased elsewhere – as long as it meets Australian specifications. Download our green waste bin specifications (76.2KB).

Please note that green waste bins are no longer available for purchase from Yarra City Council.

What will not be collected?

  • Blackberry branches 
  • Bamboo 
  • Noxious weeds 
  • Ivy 
  • Piles of wood 
  • Palm fronds 
  • Food scraps 
  • Large tree stumps 
  • Dirt 
  • Animal droppings 

What can I do with bamboo, ivy or palm fronds? 

These items can be booked as part of a hard rubbish collection.

Upcoming weekly food and green waste collection service

We are committed to rolling out a separate bin for food and green waste as part of the Victorian Government’s Recycling Victoria policy.

However, this has been delayed due to impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). We are working towards making this change happen in 2021.