Book a green waste collection

We provide a free collection service for garden waste such as branches, prunings and grass clippings.

Green waste is not collected as part of the weekly rubbish and recycling collection. You can request as many green waste pickups as you need throughout the year.

We will collect your green waste within approximately 10 days of you sending through your request.

How do I book a green waste collection?

Step 1: You can book a green waste collection by:

Step 2: We will:

  1. Let you know the pick up date.
  2. Ask questions about the contents and volume of your green waste.
  3. Identify where the items will need to be placed for collection.

Size of green waste

Each collection can be up to a standard trailer load (or one cubic meter).

Preparing for a green waste collection

All branches must be tied together with string or twine only, in bundles no longer than 1.8m (6ft) in length and 30cm (1 foot) in diameter. Do not tie branches with plastic or wire.

The lawn clippings or small prunings must be placed in a container (a crate or cardboard box) which can be lifted easily by one person. The container will usually be returned to you after it is emptied.

Place your green waste out the night before pickup has been arranged. Remember it is illegal to place items out more than 24 hours before pickup.

Can I purchase a green waste bin?

Yes, we have garden waste bins available for you to purchase.

How do I purchase a green waste bin?

You can purchase a green waste bin through one of the following ways: 

Once you have bought a green waste bin, it is your private property. 

We do not provide any maintenance on green waste bins and cannot replace the bin if stolen or damaged.

Christmas tree collection

We offer a free Christmas tree collection service to Yarra residents during January each year. Collected trees will be mulched, with the mulch to be distributed around Yarra’s parks.

Make your booking by using the steps above before 31 January.