Food waste

What is food waste?

Food waste is any kind of food that ends up in the garbage bin.

Most food waste is actually avoidable and should be eaten or disposed of in more sustainable ways.

What can I do about my food waste?

We have a food waste program called Food Know How

Food Know How is here to support you with workshops, information, and activities to help you do all you can to avoid creating food waste and grow some of your own delicious food.

Food Know How is based on these simple ideas:

  • smart food planning and shopping
  • smart cooking
  • smart food storage
  • growing some of your own food
  • recycling any food waste you might have

Our program is super easy for you to take part in and fit into your schedule.

It has been designed as a 5 week challenge where we will send you a weekly email with one simple and smart step to focus on to help you develop Food Know How into your weekly routine.

By the end of the Food Know How 5 week challenge you will have all the information and skills you need to take control of your menu planning, shopping, storing, cooking and gardening to become a food waste champion.

Sign up here to take the Food Know How 5 Week Challenge.

We are here to help you with support, motivation, encouragement, tips, and hints to take action to reduce your food waste.

At the same time you will save some money, grow yummy food, make delicious meals, and learn how to inspire others to do the same.