Food waste

Food waste is any kind of food that ends up in your rubbish bin.

Most food waste is avoidable and should be eaten or disposed of in more sustainable ways.

What can I do about my food waste?

Try to minimise your food waste in the first place.

Our Food Know How program can show you how to avoid creating food waste and grow your own delicious food with free workshops, information and activities.

Food Know How is based on these simple ideas:

  • smart food planning and shopping
  • smart cooking
  • smart food storage
  • growing your own food
  • recycling any food waste you might have

Food Know How is a 5 week challenge where we send you a weekly email with one simple and smart step to focus on to help you develop Food Know How into your weekly routine. By the end of the 5 week challenge you will have all the information and skills you need to take control of your menu planning, shopping, storing, cooking and gardening to become a food waste champion.

Sign up to take the 5 week challenge.

How can I recycle food waste and keep it out of landfill?

For food scraps that cannot be avoided, there are a number of ways these can be recycled and kept out of landfill.

Use a worm farm or compost bin

Turn food scraps into fertiliser by using a compost bin or worm farm. We have subsidised compost bins and worm farms you can buy to process your food waste. We can provide advice and educational materials to help you set up a worm farm in your apartment building. Print and display the below poster to educate other worm farm users about which foods can be fed to worms:

Find somewhere local that wants your food scraps

ShareWaste helps you find people in your neighbourhood who will accept extra scraps to compost it or feed it to their worms or animals.

Kerbside collection of food scraps for composting

We are currently trialing a weekly kerbside food and green waste collection for some Abbotsford residents. We will review the results of the trial next year and consider expanding this collection service. Read more about the trial.

Private food waste collection service

There are several waste collection companies in Melbourne that provide a separate bin and collection service for food/organic waste from apartment buildings. You can contact one of these providers to ask what food waste collection service they can provide for you.

On-site food processing for commercial properties and apartment buildings

Several companies in Melbourne install recycling units in commercial or multi-unit developments to process food waste into a soil additive, significantly reducing the volume of food waste.


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