How to lodge my support or objection

Anyone can have their say on a planning permit application, and we must consider all objections when assessing the application.

You can do this in 2 ways:

  • lodge your objection
  • lodge your support

Lodging an objection

Objections can be lodged with us any time up to when we make a decision, however to ensure your objection is considered, we recommend your objection is lodged during the 14-day advertising period.

You may also include suggestions for changes, which could overcome your concerns. It is important to make sure that your objection specifically addresses the proposal and describes how you will be affected.

How do I lodge an objection?

You can lodge your objection via:

  • find the application and click 'object' or 'support' and complete the form online.
  • mail: Yarra City Council, PO Box 168 Richmond VIC 3121
  • in person at a Yarra City Council contact centre

What happens when my objection has been received?

Once we have received your objection you will be sent a confirmation letter or email so you can be sure that your objection has been included.

Please note your objection is public information and a copy may be forwarded to the applicant to review.

We may invite you to a consultation meeting to discuss your concerns directly with the applicant.

What happens if I withdraw my objection?

If you reach a compromise with the applicant and you no longer have any concerns about the application, you can withdraw your objection. You need to write to us of your decision to withdraw your objection.

If you withdraw your objection, you will not be informed of the decision and you will lose your right to apply to VCAT for a review if you are unhappy with our decision.

What happens when a decision has been made?

We must consider all objections when assessing an application. Once we have made a decision, you will receive a copy of that decision. If we decide to grant the permit, a ‘Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit’ will be issued.

As an objector you will be sent this notice and you will have 28 days to lodge an application for review at VCAT. If no objectors lodge a review with VCAT during this time, we will grant the planning permit.

Why do I have to attend a community consultation meeting?

We will call a community consultation meeting if a number of objections have been lodged against a planning permit application to provide an opportunity for those involved to openly discuss the issues.

Permit applicant

If you are the permit applicant, it is beneficial to attend because you can explain your application clearly to objectors who may not understand properly, or you may be able to negotiate changes that will result in the withdrawal of objections.


If you are an objector, it is beneficial to attend because you can discuss your concerns with the permit applicant and may be able to negotiate some changes to relieve your concern.