Subdividing property

If you're planning on subdividing your property you will need approval from Council.  

The majority of subdivisions in Yarra come from planning approval for multiple dwellings or commercial tenancies. For example, if a valid planning permit allows the construction of two dwellings on a lot, then a planning permit for a two-lot subdivision can be applied for.

We will approve any subdivision which proposes lot boundaries consistent with a valid planning permit (except in very rare circumstances where a planning permit, restrictive covenant or Section 173 Agreement prohibits further subdivision).

What are the exceptions to the typical subdivision?

Long-existing, multiple dwellings or blocks of flats on a single title can usually be subdivided without difficulty. In some instances, proof of existing use rights for a dwelling or tenancy may be needed in order to establish the legitimacy of the use and justify the subdivision.

Boundary realignment subdivisions do not create additional lots. They are often proposed in order to correct a discrepancy between physical conditions on the land and the current title boundaries. Minor boundary realignments are usually exempt from a planning permit (requiring only Certification under the Subdivision Act).

Is there a minimum size for subdivision?

There is no minimum subdivision area or lot size for any zone in the City of Yarra.

In most instances the approximate size of lots in a subdivision are determined by the preceding planning permit for development. We are unlikely to approve the 'hiving off' of a portion of residential land where has been no development approval to justify this.

How do I submit a subdivision planning application?

1. Prepare your application.

You need to first prepare your planning application for subdivision. These are typically prepared by a licensed land surveyor.

2. Submit your application online.

You can submit your application line through SPEAR (Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals).

SPEAR enables end-to-end processing and tracking of applications including lodgement, referrals, public viewing and council determination. If you do not wish to use SPEAR, contact us and we can help.

An up-to-date Certificate of Title (clear, legible, complete and obtained within the last 3 months) must be included with your application.

3. Determine what fee you need to pay to lodge your application.

Fees for planning applications and subdivisions 

If you are applying for certification, please also provide the appropriate fee. The two fees should be combined.

Note: the fee can be paid by credit card, cheque or money order (made payable to ‘Yarra City Council’) and submitted to the planning department at Yarra City Council. We do not accept online payments through SPEAR.