The Rochester, 178-182 Johnston St, Fitzroy

A zero carbon apartment building

Illustration of the Rochester development, Johnston St, Fitzroy

Image by Myles Montgomery

Development summary 

This Fitzroy building consists of 24 apartments with a mixture of one, two and three-bedrooms and two ground floor commercial tenancies on a 631 square metre site.

With a commitment to achieving zero-net carbon emissions for the building’s operations, this all-electric, fossil-fuel free development has no connection to a mains gas supply. All energy needs are met from renewable sources through a combination of grid-supplied electricity via an embedded network and an on-site solar PV system. The ‘all-electric strategy’ also includes efficient electrical building services and appliances and electric vehicle charging.

The building will achieve a 7.0star NaTHERS average energy rating through a strong focus on the performance of the thermal envelope. The integration of a range of ESD measures that together deliver strong ESD outcomes including being intentionally designed to minimise energy use, improve the indoor environment, conserve water and a focus on long lasting materials with high reusability.

Key zero carbon development features 

Other sustainability features


  • Cremorne Enterprises 

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If you have a suggestion for a zero carbon development to be featured, please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email [email protected].

 Facade detail of The Rochester development, Johnston St, Fitzroy

Image by Myles Montgomery