65-81 Dover St, Cremorne

A carbon neutral commercial building

Photo of a building with lower floors made of brick and higher floors made of concrete and glass.

Development summary

With a shared commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, Fortis’ foray into the creative fringe of Cremorne has aligned its latest commercial development with City of Yarra’s Climate Emergency Plan to ‘achieve zero-net emissions across the entire Yarra community by 2030’.

The 8-level commercial development comprises 9,286 square meters of premium office and ground floor retail space, basement parking and a new standard in active rooftop amenity.

The development has been designed to achieve a sustainability performance standard of Australian Best Practice, having achieved a 37% reduction in peak electricity demand and sourcing 100% of all off-site energy from certified renewable sources.

This development is under construction, with completion anticipated in Quarter 4 of 2023.

The zero carbon development features have been framed around GIW Environmental Solutions' '4Rs' of emissions management:


  • Building designed to achieve a 37 per cent reduction in peak electricity demand.
  • High efficiency thermal fabric and building façade optimised for thermal comfort and energy efficiency.
  • A focus on highly efficient appliances and systems including efficient heat recovery ventilation, an air-cooled chiller, high efficiency variable refrigerant volume system, electric heat pump hot water and energy efficient lifts.
  • Reduced lighting power density, efficient lighting and localised lighting control.
  • Combination of blinds, screens, fixed devices to reduce excess solar gains.
  • Double glazed windows with low-E panes.


  • A fossil fuel free development through all-electric services (excluding cafe equipment).
  • Generating renewable energy on-site via 15kilowatt rooftop solar system.
  • A 10-year commitment to purchase grid-supplied accredited GreenPower to meet the building’s remaining electricity needs.


  • Additional carbon emissions will be offset under the National Carbon Offset Standard.


  • A commitment to set, measure and report against environmental performance targets.
  • On-going refinement of performance, education and reporting against energy and water consumption targets.
  • Metering and monitoring system to monitor building energy and water consumption, including all energy and water use in common areas and major uses.

Other sustainability features





Sustainability Consultant

GIW Environmental Solutions 

Street view of a building with trees growing around. Bottom floor is an open café with people dining inside and outside.