Sustainable Management Plan (SMP)

What is a Sustainable Management Plan (SMP)?

Sustainable Management Plan is a detailed sustainability assessment of a proposed design at the planning stage.

A SMP demonstrates best practice in the 10 key sustainable building categories and provides a:

  • detailed assessment for Yarra City Council. You may use relevant tools such as BESS and STORM or an alternative assessment approach to prepare the detailed assessment.
  • identifies achievable environmental performance outcomes having regard to the objectives of Clause 22.17 (as appropriate)
  • demonstrates that the building has the design potential to achieve the relevant environmental performance outcomes, having regard to the site’s opportunities and constraints
  • documents the means by which the performance outcomes can be achieved

Why prepare a SMP

A SMP identifies beneficial, easy to implement, best practice initiatives. The nature of larger developments provides the opportunity for increased environmental benefits and the opportunity for major resource savings. You may be necessary to engage a sustainability consultant to prepare an SMP.

When is an SMP required?

An SMP is required for all larger developments, comprising of 10 or more residential dwellings or more than 1000m2 of non-residential Gross Floor Area (GFA).

Addressing the 10 key sustainable building categories

If your application is a large application, you are required to address the 10 key sustainable building categories.

The categories are:

  • indoor environment quality
  • energy efficiency
  • water efficiency
  • stormwater management
  • building materials
  • transport
  • waste management
  • urban ecology
  • innovation
  • construction and building management

Use a sustainable management plan reference

We have developed a sustainable management plan reference. This document will provide guidance on how to prepare an SMP Report.

Submitting your SMP

A SMP should be prepared by a sustainability specialist and submitted as a separate report with your planning application. You should make sure that all ESD initiatives addressed are clearly demonstrated and annotated on your architectural drawings.

You can use the online tool BESS to help prepare your submission. 

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email