36 - 52 Wellington Street, Collingwood

Permit number: PLN19/0450

The responsible authority won't make a decision before: Friday 25 October 2019

This application for a planning permit seeks approval for the use and development of a 15 storey building plus two basement levels comprising ground floor food and drink premises and office to levels above (no permit for office use) and a reduction in the car parking requirements

On 10 January 2020 Council was advised by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) that a S79 Application (failure to determine the application within the prescribed time) [P2384/2019] has been lodged.

The following dates have been set aside for the matter to be heard.

Practice Day
10.00am on 21 February 2020
55 King St, Melbourne

Compulsory Conference
10:00am on 16 March 2020
55 King St, Melbourne

10:00am on 18 May 2020 for 3 days
55 King St, Melbourne

The Applicant has substituted plans. Please find the relevant documents below.

Objectors must lodge a statement of grounds with VCAT, the permit applicant and Council by no later than 19 March 2020.

Council recently considered this application at its Internal Development Approvals Committee (IDAC) Meeting on 11 March 2020 where is resolved that had Council been in a position to determine the application, it would has issued a Notice of Refusal to Grant a Planning Permit.

To view the agenda and minutes from this meeting, please click here.

View the planning application documents below:
Advertised VCAT Substituted Plans February 2020

For more information

Contact: Amy Hodgen
Phone: 9205 5330
Email: amy.hodgen@yarracity.vic.gov.au
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