60 - 88 Langridge Street and 23 - 45 Waterloo Road, Collingwood

Permit number: PLN18/0844

The responsible authority won't make a decision before: Wednesday 17 July 2019

Council has received an application for the development of the land for the construction of a two office buildings (seven and nine storeys plus basement levels) with two, ground floor restaurants and a restricted recreation facility (gymnasium), sale and consumption of liquor and a reduction in the car parking requirements.

This land also has a second planning application on public notice for a residential hotel (Planning permit application No. PLN18/0643) for the western half of the land. This application relates to the eastern half and primarily relates to an office. To view this application please click here.

Features of the proposal include:

No permit is required for the office use.

The 9-storey building will face both Rokeby and Langridge Streets and will contain the two, ground floor restaurants and a ground floor restricted recreation facility (gymnasium).

The hours of operation for the restricted recreation facility (gymnasium) are - daily between 5.30am and 8.00pm on Monday to Friday and 7.00am to 11.00am Saturdays. The fitness centre will be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. It will accommodate a maximum of 33 patrons and 3 staff members at any one time

The hours of operation for the larger restaurant (inclusive of an outdoor area) is between 7.00am and 1.00am the following day Monday to Sunday, with the outdoor area closing at 11.00pm each night. The maximum number of patrons is 140 (including a maximum of 20 in the outdoor area).

The hours of operation for the smaller restaurant (inclusive of an outdoor area) is between 7.00am and 11.00pm Monday to Sunday (inclusive of outdoor and indoor areas). The maximum number of patrons is 105 (including a maximum of 10 in the outdoor area).

The 7-storey building will interface with Waterloo Road.

The development will have two primary active frontages; Waterloo Road and Langridge Street. Pedestrian access will be principally provided from Langridge Street for Site A, with a secondary entrance located on Waterloo Road for Site B.

Vehicle access to basement car parking will be provided via a 6.6 metre wide double crossover from Rokeby Street. Rear vehicle access will be provided along Waterloo Road for site services such as waste collection and loading. The existing crossover on Langridge Street (easternmost adjacent to Site A) will be removed and the kerb reinstated to Council specifications.

A total of 62 car spaces, 6 motor bicycle spaces and 80 bicycle spaces is provided in the two levels of basement car parking. The basement also provides for 88 square metres of 'End of Trip' facilities and servicing areas. Four of the car spaces are dedicated electric car charging spaces. A further 12 bicycle parking spaces are provided at ground level adjacent to the outdoor seating zone and pedestrian laneway.

Section 57A Amendment

Please note: Amended plans were submitted on 12 June 2019 and on 25 June 2019 the application was formally amended under Section 57A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These plans formally substitute the previously advertised plans. The key changes include:

Relocation of the loading bay from Waterloo Road to the basement and subsequent internal reconfiguration of the ground floor and waste rooms;

An additional third basement level plus 16 car parking spaces and internal reconfiguration of basements; and

Increased separation between Buildings A and B to 4.5m and subsequent internal reconfiguration.

View the planning application documents below:
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