60 - 62 Langridge Street and 23 - 45 Waterloo Road, Collingwood

Permit number: PLN18/0643

The responsible authority won't make a decision before: Friday 01 March 2019

Council has received an application for the development of the land for the construction of a nine storey residential hotel (187 rooms – 24 hour operation), a ground floor food and drinks premises, and a reduction in the car parking and bicycle requirements.

This land also has a second planning application on public notice for a mixed use development (Planning permit application No. PLN18/0844) for the eastern half of the land. This application relates to the western half. To view this application please click here.

Features of the proposal include:

This nine-storey building will face onto Langridge Street with a ground floor food and drinks premises.

A 96 seat food and drinks premises activates the ground floor of the proposal, with a variety of seating options ranging from an open dining area, bar seating, lounge area, informal dining area and private function dining room. The premises seeks to operate 24 hours a day, predominantly serving hotel patrons. The ground floor food and drinks premises does not function as a café or a restaurant, rather as a hybrid that operates in an ancillary nature to the residential hotel.

This proposal seeks to provide zero on-site car parking spaces.

View the planning application documents below:
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