700 - 718 Heidelberg Road, Alphington

Permit number: PLN17/0040

The responsible authority won't make a decision before: Wednesday 29 November 2017

The application, which was advertised in June 2017, sought approval for development of the land for construction of a nine (9) storey building plus two levels of basement containing 126 dwellings and a café and shop at ground floor, use of land for accommodation (dwellings), reduction in the statutory car parking requirements and waiver of loading bay requirements (associated with café and shop) at 700-718 Heidelberg Road, Alphington.

Council has received an amendment to the current application via Section 57A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The amendments can be summarised as follows:
•  Deletion of one storey (from 9 storeys to 8 storeys) consequently reducing the overall height from 32.1m to 27.3m,
•  Reduction in the number of dwellings from 109 to 106,
•  Reduction in the number of car parking spaces from 157 to 153,
•  Reduction in the bicycle facilities from 82 spaces to 55 spaces,
•  Reduction in the podium heights,
•  Increased street activation at ground level,
•  Increased setback of 2m from Heidelberg Road at ground floor,
•  Modification to southern terraces and setbacks,
•  Reduction in the overshadowing impact.

Features of the amended proposal include

Full demolition of all buildings on the land (no permit required for demolition)
Construction of an eight (8) storey building (plus two basement levels)
A café of 356sqm and a shop of 300sqm is to be located at ground floor fronting Heidelberg Road
Total of 106 dwellings (44 x 1 bedroom, 52 x 2 bedroom and 10 x 3 bedroom)
153 car spaces accommodated within the two basements and ground floor level
55 bicycle spaces within the ground floor and lower basement
waiver of the loading bay requirement associated with the café and shop

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If you wish to make a submission to Council regarding the proposed redevelopment, your submission must be in writing and should state how you would be affected by the granting of a permit.

For your submission to be valid, it must include your name and address.

Submissions can be made online using the Lodge your Objection or Lodge your Support links on this page.

Please be aware that any submission received will be placed on the planning file and can be publicly viewed.

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