Public information sessions

A public information session is a unique opportunity for local residents / land owners to find out more details about, and get a better understanding of, a major planning permit application that has been lodged with Yarra Council. 

A public information session is scheduled within the second week of the 4-week advertising (notice) period for a major application. 

Attending a public information session gives local residents / landowners the opportunity to discuss the application with the permit applicant and their representatives, council planning officers and any ward councillors in attendance.

Who is invited to attend a public information session?

Local residents / land owners, the permit applicant and ward councillors are invited to attend public information sessions.

If you have been notified in writing about an application being advertised (as a local resident / land owner), you will also be invited to attend a public information session. Details (date, time and venue) are included in the letter. There is no requirement to RSVP.

Generally in attendance at a public information session are

  • two council planning officers
  • the permit applicant (or representatives / project team), and
  • local residents / land owners.

How is the public information session run?

There is no formal presentation at a public information session.

Hard copies of the submitted documentation for the application are on display on the night so that you can view the information that has been submitted for the application. You do not need to prepare anything for the session. 

There is no resolution at a public information session, it is for information purposes only.

At the public information session it is expected that all parties in attendance are respectful of each other in the way that they speak, behave and conduct themselves.

What do I need to bring to a public information session? 

Local residents 

A public information sessions is for information purposes only. There is no need to prepare or bring anything with you.

Permit applicants 

We recommend bringing extra copies of information that you have lodged with your application.

The permit applicant is expected to talk with residents / land owners and explain the submitted design response, if asked to do so. Bring along people in your project team that can discuss the submitted application and answer questions of the application if asked.

When are public information sessions held?

Public information sessions are held on a week night and are arranged by council planning officers around availability of meeting rooms at Richmond Town Hall. 

Public information sessions are scheduled for 1 hour.