Attending the Planning Decisions Committee as an applicant

The Planning Decisions Committee has the delegated authority to make a decision on all applications for planning permits that are referred to it. 

The purpose of a Planning Decisions Committee meeting is for the committee to hear from all parties to assist them making its decision (resolution) on the planning application. 

If you are attending the Planning Decisions Committee  as an permit applicant, the following information may be helpful. 

Planning Decisions Committee meeting format

The chairperson will explain the proceedings at the start of each agenda item. Generally, the chairperson will:

  • invite all parties relevant to the application (including you, the permit applicant) to come forward and make a submission.
  • invite council planning officers to provide a brief overview of the application, including the proposal and relevant policy in the Yarra Planning Scheme, the officer’s assessment and the officer’s recommendation (5 minutes).
  • invite you as the permit applicant to provide a brief overview of the application / provide any new information not covered by the council planning officers (5 minutes).
  • hear from the objectors sitting at the table and ask questions of you or council planning officers.
  • provide you an additional two minutes to respond to anything raised by objectors in their submissions.

Making a verbal submission

The committee prepares for the Planning Decisions Committee by reading the officers report.

The report provides a summary of the proposed development, a summary of all referral responses, a summary of all issues and concerns raised in the objection letters and a full assessment of the proposal with an officer recommendation.

As a permit applicant attending IDAC you are therefore encouraged to use your 5 minute verbal submission to:

  • provide a brief overview of your proposal and draw on anything not covered by the council planning officers in their verbal submission or in the officer report.
  • raise any matters you feel should be considered by the committee in reaching a decision.
  • suggest any modifications to the application or to the officer’s recommendation, in the event that a planning permit is approved.

Limiting all parties to 5 minutes speaking time allows the meeting to run efficiently and effectively. 

Throughout the meeting it is expected that all parties in attendance are respectful of each other in the way that they speak, behave and conduct themselves.