Planning Decisions Committee

The Planning Decisions Committee (PDC) has the delegated authority to make a decision on all applications for planning permits that are referred to it. 

The instrument of delegation requires, amongst other things, that an application for a planning permit is referred to the PDC when we receive 15 or more objections to the application from different properties. 

A PDC meeting allows the committee to hear from all parties in attendance and balance their concerns and issues against the officer recommendation in the officer report.

PDC meetings are held every three weeks (every third Tuesday evening) from 6.30pm onwards.

What happens at PDC meetings?

Our planning officers will outline the officer report and officer’s recommendation, the permit applicant will put forward the planning merits of the application, and the objectors will outline their concerns and how the proposed development will impact them. The committee hears from all parties in attendance before they make their resolution.

A written recommendation in the form of an officer report is put forward to the committee by our planning officers. The officer report is publicly available (on our website) usually on the Wednesday prior to a PDC meeting (which is held on a Tuesday evening)

The report provides:

  • a written overview of the proposed development
  • an assessment of the proposed development against all relevant policy in the Yarra Planning Scheme
  • issues or recommendations put forward by referrals
  • the issues and concerns raised in the objections
  • a recommendation to the committee.

Who can attend a PDC meeting?

Anyone can register online to attend a PDC meeting, and the applicant and objectors can register to make a submission.

All councillors are members of the PDC. Three councillors attend each meeting on a rotational basis and make up the committee. 

The committee attending the PDC meeting includes a chairperson (appointed on the night) and the remaining councillors. If any other councillors attend the meeting, they may participate in the meeting but they cannot vote on any resolution.