Dog attacks

We take dog attacks very seriously – they can be traumatic for all parties. A dog of any size or breed can become aggressive when defending its territory. Even a friendly dog may guard the area on or around its property, especially when you are not present.

Most dog attacks happen in public places in particular parks, on the footpath or road. It is important your dog is on a leash in on-leash areas when in public areas. 

Our animal management officers frequently patrol the parks, open spaces and streets in the municipality. However, it’s vital that dog owners are mindful of their dog and others, and keep their dog under effective control. It’s also important that anyone involved in a dog attack reports it.

Report a dog attack

Should a dog attack occur, ensure you exchange details with the dog owner and report the incident to us immediately using the form below.

We take these matters very seriously and the appropriate enforcement action will be taken. There are significant penalties under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

When you contact us, please provide all relevant information, including:

  • time and date of the incident
  • where it happened
  • name of the dog owner (if you know)
  • dog registration number (if you know)
  • description of the dog
  • detailed description of the incident.
  • photos of any injury 

Report a Dog attack