Lost and stray pets in Yarra

A night-time cat curfew will be introduced from 1 Jan 2024. Learn more on our pet safety page.

If you have found a stray cat or dog, please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555. 

I've lost my pet, what can I do?

1. Check your local Lost Dogs' Home

The majority of lost and stray cats and dogs found in Yarra are taken to the Lost Dogs Home, our pound contractor. If your pet is lost please check the Lost Dogs' Home website or call them on 9329 2755.

For help finding lost or missing pets, contact:

Lost Dogs’ Home
2 Gracie Street, North Melbourne
9329 2755

Lort Smith Animal Hospital
24 Villiers Street, North Melbourne
9328 3021

RSPCA Victoria
3 Burwood Hwy (cnr Middleborough Road), East Burwood
9224 2222

Cat Protection Society
200 Elder Street, Greensborough
9434 7155

2. Make a flyer and do a doorknock or letterbox drop. 

Making a flyer is a great way to help locate your lost pet. When making your flyer, be sure to include key information, including:

  • Your pet's name
  • A description of your pet
  • The date they went missing
  • The area they went missing from
  • Any unique features (e.g. medical conditions, distinguishing markings)
  • A contact phone number

Start with a door-knock or letterbox drop in your local area. Drop your flyers off at nearby shops and notify local groups such as Neighbourhood Watch. To avoid your signs being removed from street poles and other furniture, you can attach your flyers to private property (with the property owner's permission) or perform a door-knock/letterbox drop instead.

Please note: under Victorian EPA legislation, signs and posters erected on council property (such as street poles and park benches) can be classified as litter.

3. Check around your local area 

Other areas to check for your lost pet include garden sheds, garages, buildings, reserves, parks, schoolyards, beaches, rivers and creeks.

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email [email protected].