Microchipping and desexing your pet

Getting your pet microchipped and desexed is part of being a responsible pet owner.


Microchipping is compulsory in Victoria, with all cats and dogs over the age of 3 months required to be microchipped prior to being registered.

Why do I need to microchip my pet?

Microchipping is a one-off process to ensure your details are on a central pet ownership directory managed by the Victorian Government. If your animal gets lost, the chip can be electronically scanned and your animal returned to you.

What is microchipping?

Microchipping is when a tiny microchip is implanted under the scruff of an animal’s neck and its unique number is recorded alongside the owner’s details on a central register. Microchipping does not mean you have automatically registered your pet.

What is the cost of microchipping?

The Lost Dogs’ Home performs microchipping for $42. This service is provided 7 days per week or you can contact your local vet.


Desexing not only reduces the population of stray, unwanted animals, but it also helps pets live longer and healthier lives.

Desexing of cats

If you own a cat, you must have your cat desexed.

You need to have your cat desexed before it can be registered for the first time at 3 months of age.

If you cat has not been desexed and is already registered with us you will need to have your cat desexed prior to renewing their pet registration.

When not to desex your cat

If your vet has advised against desexing your cat for health reasons or if your cat is being kept for recognised breeding purposes you will need to provide us with a letter from your vet or a copy of your cat’s breeding certificate.

What is a desexing voucher?

If you hold a current Pension concession card, Health care card, Low income health care card or Commonwealth seniors card you can get a discount voucher of up to 25% to have your pet desexed. The voucher can be used at your local vet or the Lost Dogs Home. A current vaccination certificate for the pet must be shown to the vet either before or at the time of surgery.
You can read more about the desexing voucher scheme here


How do I get a desexing voucher?

To obtain a desexing voucher follow these steps:
Step 1: Hold one of the following cards
  • Pension Concession Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Low Income Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Card

Step 2: Visit one of our customer service centresspeak to one of our staff and we will provide you with a voucher. You must show your eligible concession card as listed above to reception staff in order to receive your voucher.

Step 3: Once the voucher has been validated you can take it to your vet or the Lost Dogs’ Home to receive the reduced rate on desexing services. Please check with your vet that they are happy to accept the voucher before booking your pet in to see them. 

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email info@yarracity.vic.gov.au.