Accessible sports

Woman holding football walking alongside man in a wheelchair

Part of our commitment to assist people with disability, is to increase their participation in the community and enhance their health and well-being.

Providing accessible sport is a key step towards achieving this, as it allows people with disability to become more active, interact with others, be part of a team environment and have the opportunity to try out new sports and recreational activities.

Here are some of the programs local to Yarra, which are designed to get people with disability more active.

Access for All Abilities

Access for All Abilities Play, AAA Play, is a free Victorian State Government funded service operated by Reclink Australia helping to connect people with disabilities to sport and recreation.

AAA Play assist people to identify what activity they wish to be involved in, what their disabilities are and where they are located. Drawing on a network of State Sporting Associations (SSAs), active community clubs, local governments and disability specific sport and recreation providers, AAA Play can help link each person with a suitable sport or recreation activity.

Visit the AAA Play website or call today to discover the range of sports and active recreation activities close to your home for people of all abilities.

Disability Sports and Recreation

Disability Sports and Recreation work with Victorians with a disability to have equal opportunities to take part in sport and recreational activities they want to participate in.

Every kid deserves to get out and get active.

City of Yarra Richmond Leisure Centre Cerebral Palsy Program - Suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions

A strength training session for people with cerebral palsy. This program is suitable for people who can use gym equipment with the support of a carer, including upper and/or lower limbs movement.

Our Cerebral Palsy program was studied by Disability Sport and Recreation. They found that most participants gained physical, emotional and social benefits from participating.

What happens in a session?

A gym instructor runs each session, which lasts for 1 hour. The gym instructors and your carer will support you to do strength exercises using our gym equipment.

How do I join?

You must have an initial assessment with one of our instructors. Our instructor will build you an individual program to meet your health goals. Visit City of Yarra reception to book your assessment. You must bring a referral from a health professional to your assessment.

A carer must attend every session with you.

When is the program?

The Cerebral Palsy Program runs at Richmond Recreation Centre on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm.

Weave Movement Theatre

As well as producing new works, Weave present workshops and training days designed to engage people with a disability in the arts and build the capacity of the arts sector to include people of all abilities.

Weave workshops aim to encourage people with and without a disability to explore new ways of moving, to be creative and challenge assumptions about the abilities, ideas and possibilities of working with people who have a disability. These workshops and training days are available for:

  • organisations which work in the field of disability and/or the arts
  • people with a disability
  • recreation workers, and
  • dance practitioners


Scope offers sports, arts and social activities.

New online tool to make sport accessible 

The Disability Resource is a new online tool developed by La Trobe University to make it easier for sporting groups in the community to provide more accessible and inclusive programs for people with disability.