How to save energy

Sometimes climate change and other sustainability issues feel like overwhelming problems, but there are simple things you can do to reduce your own carbon footprint, and connect with broader initiatives.

The Victorian Government's Energy Saver website is packed with tips to save energy at home and take charge of your power bills.

Measure your footprint

One easy way to get started is to have a look at your own carbon footprint, and see what areas you could focus on to reduce your greenhouse emissions.

You can use the Environment Protection Agency's Australian Greenhouse Calculator to do this.

Yarra Energy Foundation

The Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) was establish and is supported by the Yarra City Council and exists to inspire and engage residents and businesses in the City of Yarra to take practical steps towards a carbon free future.

YEF can help you with practical steps to reduce your emissions, like upgrading to LED lighting or installing solar panels.

Switch to green power

  • Find out more about Green Power at the Australian Government's website
  • To find out how your current provider rates and see what other options are available, check out The Green Electricity Guide, which compares Australian energy providers on their green energy credentials
  • If you decide to stay with your current supplier ask them what green power options they have. You can usually make the switch over the phone.

Get into active transport

Riding, walking, catching public transport and car sharing can all reduce your emissions. Find out more ways to Getting Around sustainably.

Join the growing divestment movement.

You can switch your bank accounts, super and investments to financial institutions that do not invest in the fossil fuel industry.

Eat Sustainably

The Sustainable Table website has heaps of resources for eating more sustainably.

Use resources that are already available

Connect with others

You don't have to do it all alone!

Yarra has an active sustainability community and there are groups you can participate in not only for support with your own individual actions, but to join forces with others around you to take collective action.