Proudly Plastic Free - for businesses


We are reducing plastic use in business through our Proudly Plastic Free program.

 Proudly Plastic Free is a whole of community plan to reduce the use of single use plastic packaging. We are starting with businesses in North Fitzroy Village and aim to reduce their plastic use by 50% by August 2019.

What plastic items are you eliminating?

  • takeaway containers
  • straws
  • bags
  • table ware – cutlery, plates, cups
  • coffee cups
  • water bottles

Get involved

Pledge to go Proudly Plastic Free and we’ll help you switch your packaging away from single use to reusable products by encouraging your customers to bring their own takeaway containers and coffee cups.

We’ll support you every step of the way and share your efforts and successes with the community.

What is the process?

  1. Pledge to go Proudly Plastic Free.
  2. Assess what you’re already doing to reduce single use plastic.
  3. We’ll help you think up further actions to take.
  4. Implement the actions that make most sense for your business.
  5. Celebrate your success with the local community!

Benefits for my business

  • Free promotion from Yarra City Council – we’ll share your efforts and successes on our online Zero Waste Map and across our website, social media and newsletters.
  • Decreased packaging costs over time as more customers bring their own containers.
  • Attracting new customers who want to support a business making a difference.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and contribution to landfill.
  • Helping to keep local spaces clean from litter – North Fitzroy Village and Edinburgh Gardens.

Why plastic?

  • Disposable plastic packaging is overwhelming our planet.
  • Plastic is made of petroleum, a fossil fuel driving climate change.
  • Plastic cannot biodegrade. Over time it breaks down into smaller pieces. This threatens wildlife, damages the natural environment and is harmful to human health.
  • One single water bottle will remain on the planet in some form for a min of 450 years.
  • 95% of all plastic packaging is used once and then wasted, often as litter.
  • Ocean plastic pollution is so prolific that it’s estimated that by 2050 the oceans will have more plastic (by weight) than fish.

Recycling plastic is not enough

In 2016-17 Australia’s national plastic recycling rate was just 11.8%. Which means the remaining 88% was either landfilled, down-cycled, incinerated or littered. Recycling plastic is costly and does not stem the production of virgin plastic product. And unlike glass or metal, plastic cannot be recycled infinitely, so after a handful of times it will be discarded where it will take centuries to degrade.

The long term solution to the plastic problem is to refuse single-use plastic.

Countries, cities and even continents around the world are bringing in bans on single use plastic - the EU is phasing out 10 single use plastic items by 2021. This year the Victorian Government will also be implementing a ban on single-use, lightweight plastic shopping bags. Change is the air and business and consumers can be at the forefront of driving more sustainable practices.

Sign up

If you and your business are interested in signing up to the campaign, email us or call 9205 5555.