Preschool Field Officer program


This program supports teachers to build their skills, confidence and knowledge to provide an inclusive kindergarten program that meets the needs of all children, including those with additional needs.

What can the program do?

  • Acts as a consultant and coach to the early childhood educator
  • Discuss suitable programs for children with additional needs
  • Provide support and guidance for parents
  • Assist educators with the planning, implementation and review of appropriate programs
  • Provide referrals for specialised assessment and link families to community support networks

The service is provided at no cost to families and/or preschool services.

Referral form

For the Preschool Field Officer program to visit your child in the kindergarten, a referral form giving parent permission must be completed before they can visit the centre.

Download the referral form

Contact the program

Parents, teachers and other professionals working with children can contact our Preschool Field Officer by emailing