Take our immunisation questionnaire

Mother and baby seeing doctor 

We're currently evaluating our immunisation service so that we have a better understanding of the quality of our service and also whether there are any issues with people accessing it.

To assist us with our evaluation we are running three separate questionnaires from April - October 2021 to collect feedback from the community. The questionnaires are based on guides to good practice in immunisation from the Victorian Government as well as research from the World Health Organisation. COMPLETE OUR QUESTIONNAIRE

The questionnaire which we have available to be filled out below is specifically targeting people who don't use our immunisation service. We want to understand the barriers people face to accessing our service, the reasons they don't use it and whether they are aware of it.

This questionnaire will take 5 minutes and will be invaluable in helping Yarra improve our service to the community.


The other two questionnaires will be accessible to people who use our service and are being administered through our community clinic and corporate flu programs.

All information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.