Graffiti management framework

In Yarra, as with most places in the inner city, graffiti is a serious and complex problem. Each year, we remove around 20,000 cases of graffiti and unsolicited bill posters, at a cost of around $800,000. This accounts for just a portion of all cases of graffiti. 

To try and tackle this problem we have recently updated our Graffiti Management Framework to outline our multifaceted approach to dealing with graffiti including prevention tactics and supporting the community to remove graffiti from private property.

You can read more about how we developed our Graffiti Management Framework and community consultation process on our Your Say Yarra page.

What graffiti are we able to remove?

Council Property

We will prioritise the removal of offensive graffiti (defamatory or degrading remarks or graphics about race, religion, sex or personal privacy) from Council property. Inoffensive graffiti will be removed as soon as possible. 

Private Property

We want to work with our community to prioritise the removal of graffiti from private premises where it has a significant impact on public amenity (for example, where it is deemed offensive), and/or is a shopping centre, a gateway or an area of high prominence OR where residents are frail aged or living with a disability. 

We are also now offering two graffiti removal services per property per year for private property outside of these high prominence areas. This will only apply to surfaces on the front of the property boundary line.

To request the removal of graffiti off your premises fill in this form.

Property owners will still be responsible for graffiti removal outside of the two services per year that we provide – to assist with this we can provide you with a free graffiti removal kit. 

Offensive Graffiti 

Offensive graffiti will be removed ASAP from all property. 

Report graffiti

What we can’t do?

We are unable to remove graffiti from the back of a property which does not face out onto the street. 

We are only able to remove graffiti up to 3 metres in height or a height that can be reached from the ground (in accordance with OH&S compliance), we can’t remove graffiti from second storey surfaces. 

We will not remove graffiti from rear laneways. 

In these instances, we will provide free graffiti removal kits and paint vouchers to assist you with self-removal.