Register as one of our suppliers

We strive to promote the local small business community in Yarra.

To help this, we offer the opportunity for local businesses to provide goods and services that are relevant to its business operations.

To accommodate these opportunities, we have a central registry on our website for small businesses to register an expression of interest as a potential supplier.

In accordance with our procurement policy; staff can procure goods and services in different methods. There are 2 methods available those being:

  • purchase of goods and services up to $5,000 using our purchase card
  • purchase of goods and services up to $20,000 via a quotation process which requires the receipt of one quote.

How to complete the registration form

If you are a supplier and are interested in submitting an Expression of Interest, please complete the registration form.

This form has been designed to capture and record the necessary information required by us in accordance with our policies and guidelines.

Only forms that have the mandatory fields completed can be considered.

If you need assist with completing the form or require further information, contact us.

Active suppliers

When we receive your expression of interest, your details will be recorded on our supplier register.

Our staff have accessed to this register and view all the details, then they select the appropriate supplier.