Footpath trading


Footpath trading is using the footpath for commercial activities, including:

  • Outdoor dining
  • Displaying signs and other items

You need a Public Space Licence if you wish to place tables and chairs, an advertising sign, display goods, planter boxes, umbrellas, screens or promotional items on the footpath. 

We are legally responsible for regulating trading activities in public places in Yarra. We're committed to ensuring safe access for all people to move along footpaths.

Before applying

Read our Footpath trading policy and guidelines. This will help you prepare your application and ensure you have considered factors such as proximity to residents and other business and liquor licence conditions.

The policy also provides definitions on footpath zones with specific measurements that you must adhere to in accordance with the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992). Please ensure you are familiar with the zones, definitions and measurements prior to submitting your application.

Apply online

If you are submitting a new application follow below:

You will need the have the following details to apply:

  • Site plan (mandatory)
  • Certificate of currency (mandatory) for $10 million detailing coverage that extends to all items placed on footpath
  • Any images or supporting documentation for your application
  • Visa or Mastercard to pay the application fee

Please refer to the user guide if you are having issues with the online application process.

Once you submit your application, this will be assessed by an authorised officer. If your application is successful, we will send you an invoice for the relevant annual licence fee.

Please note: There is currently an issue with the updated versions of Chrome and Microsoft Edge (from 4 February 2020 release). Users with the updated version may experience timing out issues in relation to processing any type of request. Other browsers are not affected. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Apply online


Item on footpath GST Fee
A non refundable application/inspection fee GST Free $55
Advertising sign - per sign (licensed) GST Free $178
Advertising sign - per sign (unlicensed) GST Free $121
Goods display GST Free $414
Heaters GST Free $108
Planter boxes/tubs GST Free $55
Awnings GST Free $215
Other miscellaneous items GST Free $55
General permits GST Free $338

Tables and chairs

Type of premises GST Fee
Licensed Premises - per table less than 800mm GST Free $80
Licensed Premises - per table greater than 800mm GST Free $91
Unlicensed Premises - per table less than 800mm GST Free $80
Unlicensed Premises - per table greater than 800mm GST Free $91
Licensed Premises - per chair GST Free $74
Unlicensed Premises - per chair GST Free $22

Renewing your licence

If you have an existing public space licence, we post you a renewal notice from early September each year. Payment is due by the end of September.

It is a mandatory requirement that you submit a current certificate of currency with $10 million liability as part of your renewal.

Head to 'Enquire about a public space licence' to submit all your renewal documentation.

Please let us know as soon as possible by clicking 'Enquire about a public space licence' if you:

  • Need to update your contact details (phone, email or postal address)
  • Have recently closed your business or have transferred the business to a new owner

If you need to add or remove items from your current license, see 'How do I vary my existing public space licence?' below and download an application for ‘Variation to an Existing Public Space Licence’.

How do I change my existing licence?

  1. Download and complete an application for Variation To An Existing Public Space Licence.
  2. Arrange public liability insurance (in the form of a Certificate of Currency) for $10 million detailing coverage that extends to all items placed on footpath in accordance with our Footpath Trading Policy.
  3. Prepare a Footpath Trading Site plan detailing all items to be placed on the footpath, including the dimensions of the items and any of our infrastructure, such as bins, benches, poles, parking signs. Use the Footpath Trading Site Plan as a guide.
  4. Step 4: Lodge your application with Yarra City Council.

Temporary public space licences

A temporary public space licence is required if you wish to do any of the following activities on our footpaths, roads, parks and reserves:

  • fundraising collections
  • handing out promotional activity
  • food stall such as a sausage sizzle or cake stall
  • intersection collection
  • community stall at the Gleadell Street market

What are the temporary public space licence fees?

Type GST  Fee 
Temporary Public space licence  GST free $68
Temporary Public space licence - Promotional short term  GST free $108
Temporary Public space licence - Promotional short term (2) 3-7 days where an admin/detailed review required GST free $173

Temporary public space licence conditions

There are a number of conditions you must consider when applying to place items on the footpath, road, park or reserve including:

  • A fee is applicable to all non-charitable organisations.
  • This licence is not available for the commercial selling of goods by traders and is only available for fundraising and specific like events.
  • Activities are conducted during normal business hours only, including weekends.
  • Applicants are generally allowed three licence/permits per annum, however in prime sites this may be reduced to one because of the volume of requests.
  • Promotional companies representing the interests of another organisation or company may only receive a maximum of 12 licences per year.
  • In the instance that a stall is to be placed on the footpath, the applicant must obtain written permission from the occupant of that premise outside which it is to be placed.
  • Details of proposed activities must be forward to council at least 10 working days prior to the date of commencement.
  • An out of hours Local Law inspection fee may apply.

How do I prepare my temporary public space licence application?

Follow the steps below to prepare your application:

  1. Download and complete an application for Temporary Public Space Licence Agreement form.
  2. Attach any applicable information that may be required such as:

    • Letter of permission from occupiers of any premises where you will be placing items on the footpath.
    • Certificate of currency for your public liability insurance, minimum $10 million. Insurance must cover the date of the event and it must name the occupiers of any premises you have permission to place items in front of.
    • If setting up goods on council land a site plan must be provided.
    • If distributing leaflets or a product please supply a waste management plan.

    Letter of Authority to fundraise if raising funds on behalf of any charitable or non for profit organisation.

  3. Lodge your application with us.

How do I lodge my application?

You can lodge your application via: