Our role in food safety

Food safety is an essential contributor to community health, safety and wellbeing. We have an important role to advise, support and monitor all food businesses operating from premises within the City of Yarra so that they can comply with their responsibilities to sell safe and suitable food.

The role includes Council fulfilling its statutory duties as the registration authority under the Food Act 1984 where we: 

  • Register, accept notifications and inspect a diverse range of food premises that sell, store, manufacture, package or transport food for sale. These include take away food premises, delicatessens, restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, home based food businesses, mobile food vehicles and market stalls. 
  • Check on the safety, quality and labelling of food by obtaining samples and having these analysed by an accredited laboratory. 
  • Respond to complaints about food safety issues such as food poisoning, food contamination, food premises hygiene and food handling standards. 
  • Conduct food recalls following advice by the Department of Health and Human Services to make sure any unsafe food is removed from sale in food premises. 
  • Educate food business operators and staff and the community food safety by providing information and advice. 

Food businesses not regulated by council

Some food businesses are not regulated by the Yarra City Council. The table below shows the relevant authority for difference food handling activities. 

Activity Authority
Meat, game, poultry, fish and seafood handling or processing PrimeSafe
Dairy handling or processing Dairy Food Safety Victoria
The sale or production of herbal medicines Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria
The sale or production of medicines or consumable medical treatments Therapeutic Goods Administration