Destination Melbourne

Through collaboration with local businesses and other partners, we work to improve the experience of Yarra for all visitors. This includes international tourists, visitors from other states or visitors from elsewhere in Victoria.

We promote the City of Yarra as an outstanding visitor destination by:

  • Establishing partnerships with key tourism bodies
  • Participate in the Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) Regional Tourism Program to drive and communicate the inner Melbourne experience. Examples of this include the Official Visitor Map and Experience Culture Guide Victoria.
  • Strengthen online and digital marketing opportunities for local businesses
  • Working with traders to deliver effective marketing campaigns
  • Showcasing Yarra's retail precincts and major events in the printed and digital versions of the Official Visitor Guide, a quarterly publication with an annual printed circulation of 1 million copies

Discover Your Own Backyard

We have partnered with the independent tourism organisation Destination Melbourne on the ‘Discover Your Own Backyard’ (DYOB) campaign for the past 6 years. The campaign promotes local businesses and retail precincts, encourages residents to shop locally and highlights the great attractions Yarra has.

Discover Your Own Backyard is aimed at educating people about their local area so they can become proud residents and great hosts. Local businesses, venue operators and attractions also play a major role in a visitor's experience.