Economic Research

My Victoria

The State government has collated 50 previously untapped sets of open data into a single place at the website MyVictoria. This useful tool provides a host of  information for a given postcode, including industries of local businesses, building activity and government projects. This free and user-friendly tool is designed to help guide important decisions for small business owners.

Retail precinct audit program

Each year, approximately 3,000 ground floor businesses across 12 retail precincts in Yarra, are visited by Economic Development officers, as part of an annual research program to incorporate information into Yarra's Geographic Information System (GIS).

Changes to businesses and vacancies are recorded for all ground floor premises to monitor trends and assist with strategic planning. This information is available to existing and prospective businesses in the form of Precinct Pulse fact sheets, which can be downloaded below.

Further information on how this data is collected and categorised can be found in our Reader's Guide for Precinct Pulse. If you would like to compare last year's data, Precinct Pulse fact sheets from 2017 are also available. Data from 2014-2018 can be found below, in an interactive version on Tableau.

If you would like an understanding of Yarra's economy outside of retail precincts, you can visit the interactive data available at Yarra's economy profile.