Mobile food trucks in Yarra

If you would like to run a mobile food truck business in Yarra, you must carefully read the mobile food truck guidelines before you start your business.

Here are the guidelines for mobile food truck business 

1. Your mobile food truck is not permitted to operate within 100 linear metres of an open food business. The exception is if the mobile food truck's hours of operation are outside the existing trading hours of a nearby food business.

2. You must clear any litter from around the mobile food truck site.

3. The preparation, handling and serving of food and drinks to your patrons must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 1984 and our public health unit. The mobile food truck site cannot be located near areas zoned as residential under the Yarra Planning Scheme.

4. You must submit a mobile food truck application prior to operating your business. 

How do I submit my mobile food truck application?

You need to do the following:

Step 1: Read guidelines 

Download and read the mobile food vehicle guidelines

Step 2: Complete the application forms

Complete the Application for Mobile Food Vendor

Step 3: Submit the completed forms

Submit the complete forms via: 

Mail: Yarra City Council, PO Box 168 Richmond VIC 3121 with your cheque or money order
In person at a Yarra City Council contact centre

What happens after I submit my application?

Once we have received your application, our officers will inspect the site and make sure that you have met all the guidelines.  

If your nominated site is approved, we may need to order and install parking signage to show a mobile food truck is trading at the site before you can begin operating. The application assessment could take up to 6 weeks.

What are the mobile food vehicle permit fees?

Regular rate: $2,515 (GST free)

Concession rate: $1,784 (GST free) 

Small private events permit 1 day or less:  $103 (GST free)

Mobile food van (prescribed event - multi maximum 5):  $330.00 (GST free)

Mobile food van (prescribed event) each additional food van/stall over 5:  $330.00 (GST free)

How to apply for a temporary public space permit 

You need to apply for a temporary public space permit to operate your mobile food truck within a City of Yarra park, road or reserve during events and festivals.

To apply you need to do the following:

Step 1: Complete the application form

Complete the Application for Temporary Mobile Food Vendor and Statement Of Trade For Temporary Food Premises form.

Step 2: Submit the form 

Submit the completed forms via:

Mail: Yarra City Council, PO Box 168 Richmond VIC 3121 with your cheque or money order
In person at a Yarra City Council contact centre

Our officers will visit your mobile food vehicle business to ensure you are operating according to the mobile food truck guidelines. If there are any complaints our officers will contact you.

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email