Business Associations

Also known as Traders Associations, these are independently organised groups of businesses that organise activities that benefit its members. Activities can include marketing campaigns or events such as Bridge Road Wellness Week.

Bridge Road

Jackson Wade, President

Bridge Road Marketing

Bridge Road Precinct Meetings 2018

All business owners are welcome to attend these meetings to share ideas, and keep up to date with the latest news.

Wednesday, 21st February at 6:00pm - Potenza
Wednesday, 14th March at 6:00pm 14th March - Bower Bird Bar
Wednesday, 11th April at 6:00pm - Bier Keller
Wednesday, 9th May at 6:00pm - Paloma Cantina
Wednesday, 13th June at 6:00pm - Burnley Brewing
Wednesday, 11th July at 6:00pm - Chicken N Beer
Wednesday, 15th August at 6:00pm - Tres
Wednesday, 12th September at 6:00pm - Mt View Hotel
Wednesday, 10th October at 6:00pm - Kritamos
Wednesday, 14th November at 6:00pm - AGM - Niche on Bridge

Coffee catch ups 2018

Friday, 23rd February at 9:30am - Cafe Azul
Friday, 11th May at 9:30am - Reunion and Co
Friday, 17th August at 9:30am - Monroe Richmond

Swan Street

Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

Victoria Street Business Association

Meca Ho, President