Choosing your location


Our precincts

There are 12 retail precincts in Yarra that are zoned as commercial activity centres:

  • Bridge Road
  • Brunswick Street*
  • Church Street*
  • Gertrude Street
  • Johnston Street*
  • Nicholson Village* 
  • North Fitzroy Village*
  • Queens Parade*
  • Rathdowne Village
  • Smith Street
  • Swan Street*
  • Victoria Street*

* Located on VicRoads managed roads and may require permission for additional business permits for external works on the building, signage or when roads access is impacted.

What zone am I? 

Use VicPlan to determine the zone of your property.

If you choose to operate your business in a residential zone or zone other than commercial, some commercial activities may be restricted.

Find out more about Yarra’s Planning Scheme.

Researching your area

To help with your business plan, learn about demographics of your local customers, understand the retail mix and emerging trends in each of our retail precincts.

Challenges with your location

Before you lease or secure a space for your business it is important to consider the following:

  • Some buildings may not meet approved regulations without structural change
  • If the building was used for another purpose prior it may be more complicated
  • Business locations outside commercial areas can result in long approvals processes

Yarra is a diverse and densely populated region. This means there are obligations for businesses to consider residents and your business approvals may be subject to public notification.

If you are planning to lease or buy, you can contact our Statutory Planning team for general advice.