Utility works - consent requirements

When is consent required to conduct utility works?

If you are a road authority, a utility company or a public transport operator (or their contractors) and are conducting works within the public road reserve you must obtain a consent from the coordinating Road Authority (unless an exemption applies).

How do I apply?

Complete the utility consent application form and submit this and all requested documents to info@yarracity.vic.gov.au

Who are the coordinating road authorities?

Municipal roads within City of Yarra - City of Yarra is the coordinating road authority.

Freeways and arterial roads - Vic Roads is the coordinating road authority.

What are the permitted hours of works?

Works should be carried out within the times of :

  • Monday to Friday - 7am to 6pm
  • Saturday - 9am to 3pm
  • No works permitted on Sunday

Any works outside of these times would need to be applied for and approved by City of Yarra.

When is utility works exempt from obtaining consent?

If the works are 'minor works' and not considered 'traffic impact works', the works are exempt under the Road Management Act 2004.

Examples of 'Minor Works' include:

  • replacing or relocating single poles in urban areas
  • installing, repairing or maintaining aerial cable or other overhead non-road infrastructure
  • repairing/maintenance of street lights 
  • using an access hole to repair or maintain infrastructure under a road 

Examples of  'Traffic Impact Works' include:

  • part of the road is closed to undertake works 
  • causing significant delay to traffic, tram or bus service or stop
  • where a tram or bus service is to be replaced, cancelled or detoured
  • affects a bridge or other structure
  • on a clearway when in operation (Vic Roads)
  • on a freeway (Vic Roads)
  • on an arterial road that deviates vehicles into a lane normally used for traffic in the opposing direction (Vic Roads).

Telecommunciation companies and their agents are exempt from consent under the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Emergency works

Works conducted in an emergency are exempt from the consent process.

Emergency works include burst water main, gas main explosion or fallen power lines on the road.

This exemption allows the responsible utility works manager to:

  1. respond to the emergency and make the site safe for road users and other members of the public.
  2. undertake temporary works to reinstate any services where possible including temporary reinstatement of the road for traffic.

I need to contact my utility provider regarding:

  • Water leakage - City West Water - 13 16 91
  • Telstra works - Telstra - 1800 307 516
  • Power shut down - CitiPower 13 12 80 or Powercor 13 24 12

 Removal of Parking Sensors

If the works are within the parking bay where sensors are located, the sensors must be removed prior to works. Please find application form to remove sensors here.

You can view a map of the parking sensor locations here.  Please note the green indicates the streets where the sensors are installed. 

Once completed, please forward to info@yarracity.vic.gov.au