Utility works - consent requirements

When is consent required to conduct utility works?

If you are a road authority, a utility company or a public transport operator (or their contractors) you must obtain a consent and notify the City of Yarra unless you are exempt under the Road Management (Works & Infrastructure) Regulations 2015. 

When a consent is issued you must adhere to City Of Yarra Consent for Works Conditions (PDF 323kB).

For further guidance about when consent is required and the requirements which must be followed when working in a road reserve, please refer to the following documents developed by the Department of Transport (DOT)


Telecommunication companies and their agents are exempt from consent under the Telecommunications Act 1997 for the installation of low impact facilities.

They must however provide written notification of their intention to do so to the owner and the occupier (if the land is occupied by someone other than the owner).  Further information can be found in the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Who are the coordinating road authorities?

Yarra City Council is the coordinating road authority for local roads within our municipal boundaries.  

Department of Transport is the coordinating road authority for freeways and arterials.

Major Works

Works that occur over a number of weeks or have significant impact on the surrounding area are considered to be major works. 

If you are planning to undertake major works in the City of Yarra:

  • You must then contact CWA permits and consents team on 9205 5555 prior to submitting your application.
  • An officer will discuss your application with you and arrange a meeting with all relevant internal stakeholders.

How do I apply?

Applications can be logged using our Online Application Process:

  1. To set up an online account email [email protected] and provide your full company name, ABN, contact number, company address and company email address.
  2. Download and complete the application form (PDF 302kB) and save to your hard drive to upload when submitting your application.
  3. Read our user guide (DOC 2MB) to help with submitting your online application and resetting your password.
  4. Once online access has been created, submit your application online. Accept the terms and conditions page and login to view the utility consent and notification categories.
  5. You will receive acknowledgement of your lodgement containing your UCN application number.  This number should be used for all future correspondence.

Online Applications can be accepted for:

Consent for works - Road Management Act 2004

  • Consumer connection
  • Service extension
  • Minor works traffic impact
  • Other than minor works

Notification of works - Road Management Act 2004

  • Notification of works exempt under the Road Management Act 2004
  • Notification of emergency works exempt under the Road Management Act 2004

Notification of works - Telecommunications Act 1997

  • Land Access & Activity Notices.

What are the permitted hours of works?

Works should be carried out within the times of:

  • Monday to Friday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am to 3 pm
  • No works permitted on Sunday

For works outside of these times you must apply for an Out of Hours Permit prior to works commencing.

Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis.  Please note, Out of Hours fees will not apply.

Storage of Material/VMS boards on Council Land

A Road/Footpath Occupation Permit must be applied for and approved prior to storing materials on council land.  Appropriate enforcement action will be taken by Councils officers should the required permit not be in place.

Parking Sensors

If the works are within the parking bay where sensors are located, the sensors must be removed prior to works.

Download an application form to remove sensors (PDF 40kB). Once completed, please forward to [email protected]

You can view a map of the parking sensor locations (PDF 246kB). Please note the green indicates the streets where the sensors are installed. 

Notification of commencement of works

The works manager must book an inspection 10 days prior to starting works to organise a pre-works meeting to discuss scope of works, construction methodology, councils further requirements and hold point inspections.

As part of the consent conditions, you may also be required to submit a traffic management plan, notification letters and obtain other permits prior to commencing.

Notification of permanent reinstatement works 

The works manager is responsible for arranging permanent reinstatement of the area impacted by works in accordance with all conditions set out in the consent.  Refer to the Yarra Standard drawings.

Notification requirement on completion of works

The works manager must within 7 business days of completing works notify council and book an inspection with councils reinstatement officer. 

The Road Management (Works & Infrastructure) Regulations 2015 allows a Utility or Provider of Public Transport (or their agent) to provide written notification of completion of works to the Coordinating Road Authority by the 14th day of the following month for a utility, provider of public transport or their agent where the works involve excavation of any part of the roadway, pathway or shoulder and the works were exempt from consent.  You must complete a Notification of Completion of Works Form (PDF 192kB) and submit online.

It is an offence under the Road Management Act 2004 not to notify council of works completed.  

Reinstatement of road infrastructure is subject to a defects liability period of 12 months commencing from the date we inspect and approve your reinstatement.  If there are any issues with reinstatement during this period, we will advise you to rectify it.

Emergency works

The infrastructure or works manager is exempt from obtaining consent when responding to emergency works on roads such as burst water main, gas leak or fallen power lines.  Emergency works should enable the site to be made safe for all road users and be fully reinstated during these works where possible.

You must notify council of any works completed in an emergency.

You must apply for consent if additional repair works or reinstatement works is required after the initial emergency response.

Checklist for works conducted in an emergency

  • Respond to emergency, carry out works, make area safe and reinstate (permanent or temporary)
  • Notify us that you carried out emergency works within 24 hours.
  • Apply for consent for works to undertake additional works and permanent reinstatement.
  • Notify us of completed works by the 14th day of the next month.
  1. respond to the emergency and make the site safe for road users and other members of the public.
  2. undertake temporary works to reinstate any services where possible including temporary reinstatement of the road for traffic.

I need to contact my utility provider regarding:

  • Telstra works: Telstra 1800 307 516