Temporary vehicle crossing - permit requirements

When do I need a permit?

If you are constructing or installing a temporary vehicle crossing in Yarra you will need a permit.

How do I apply?

To help improve our service, please click here to send us feedback on using the online portal. It will only take a few minutes.

  1. Download the application form.  Fill it out and save it to your hard drive to upload when submitting your application.  You can only upload PDF, JPEG, JPG documents.   
  2. Read our permit user guide to help with submitting an online application, creating a new login and resetting your password.
  3. Click here to submit your application online for a single residential property or one unit.
  4. Click here to submit your application online for a commercial/industrial property or two or more units.
  5. You will receive automatic notification ad an application number which must be used for all future correspondence.             
  6. You will be notified once an assessment has been completed.                  
  7. If your works involve closing any of our roads, you will need to provide 7 days written notification to surrounding residents.  Please use our Road Closure Notification Template to assist. All stakeholders within 100m must be notified.  All letters must be stamped approved by Council prior to distribution. Please also attach a map for the proposed delivery are of the notification for approval. Permits will not be activated if the letter has not been approved.

How long will my application take to process?

Initial assessment of your application can take up to 5 working days.  A permit cannot be issued until all required documentation has been supplied and is satisfactory

How can I request an update on my permit application?

You can request an update of your permit application using an on-line  enquiry.  A permits officer will respond to your request..

Please note initial assessment of your application can take up to 5 working days.

What do I need to know about temporary vehicle crossings?  

  • A vehicle crossing from an arterial road must be constructed in accordance with VicRoads Guidelines.
  • If a street tree needs to be relocated, our arborist will need to approve this and you will be liable for costs for replacement and removal of any trees.
  • Vehicle crossings must be constructed in accordance with our standard drawings and to the satisfaction of one of our officers.

Our standards are listed below to assist you.

Will my crossover be inspected?

Yes, we will inspect your crossover at the following stages:

  • For steel or timber - installation, removal and each month the crossover is in place.
  • For concrete - during construction including excavation, boxing and pouring and when reinstating our footpath, kerb or roadway.

It is your responsibility to make arrangements with us to inspect by calling us on 9205 5555. You must notify us 48 hours before work starts and before the reinstatement of council asset. 

How much does it cost?

  • Permit Fee
    Works to existing single residential properties/local shop traders (small business) - $174.70
    Commercial/Industrial properties or new build residential - $295.90
  • Inspection Fees (minimum of 2 inspections required) (monthly inspections required for steel or timber vehicle crossings)
    Works to existing single residential properties/local shop traders (small business) - $166.40
    Commercial/Industrial properties or new build residential- $295.90

I want to extend my permit

You must extend your permit prior to the permit expiry date.

You can extend your permit by clicking on the button below and provide the following information:

Extend my permit

  • permit number
  • site address
  • number of weeks to be extended
  • if there is any changes to the area being occupied
  • contact details
  • certificate of currency - if the copy on file has expired, you need to send a new certificate of currency.
  • other authority approvals (if applicable) - if the extension dates are not covered in the approval on file, you need to contact the relevant authority and request changes.