Construction fines

How do I pay for my fine? 

You can pay your fine in the following ways: 

  • Online
  • Telephone 1300 792 772
  • Cheque

Can I request a review of my fine? 

You can do this if you believe that:

  • There has been a mistake made in the issuing of the infringement.
  • There has been a mistake of identity.
  • You have special circumstance.
  • There are other exceptional circumstances.
  • You were unaware of the infringement being sent to you

You can find definitions of exceptional circumstances, special circumstances & person unaware on the Fines Victoria website.

How to request an internal review of your fine

You can submit your application for internal review the following ways: 

All applications for review must be in writing and include all supporting documentation.

You can apply for 1 appeal per fine.