Removing and reporting asbestos

Learn about when you need to remove or report asbestos in your building.

Asbestos is present in many homes and buildings throughout Victoria and remains safe if undisturbed. It only becomes a health risk when it is disturbed through activity such as drilling or during cutting, which allows asbestos particles to be released into the air where they can be breathed in.

How do I remove asbestos?

You need to be careful when dealing with asbestos. If you are building, asbestos can become dangerous if not removed correctly. You will need to dispose of asbestos at your property correctly. This can be done by a professional asbestos removalist.

The following organisations can be contacted about correct asbestos removal:

I'm concerned about asbestos, what should I do?

If you are concerned about asbestos that is currently being moved please contact us immediately. Depending on the situation an Environmental Health officer may need to visit the site.

During building and construction asbestos can become airborne from incorrect removal. If you are concerned, call us on 9205 5555.